Sourcing Services

Our Services

XS Micro helps engineers select the right component by providing additional data that is useful in the decision making process. The Company leverages global economies of scale to offer world class, cost effective manufacturing and logistics services to OEMs of branded, competitive consumer and mobile technologies and devices. XS Micro is uniquely able to sprocure products globally at the lowest costs OEM products to the OEM’s end-market. The Company is fully engaged in offering advanced design and electronics testing services for a variety of products within aerospace, aeronautics, defense, industrial and commercial industries.

Component Sourcing

XS Micro offers parts from Goldstar, Vishay, Xilinx and hundreds of OCMs. The Company is committed to quality parts, customer service and quality control. We inspect all components prior to shipping. XS Micro is designed to streamline the electronic component sourcing and purchasing processes. The Company is an industry leader in component sourcing with outstanding sales, customer service and quality control. ISO9001:2000 Certified so you will receive quality parts and excellent service.

Testing & Verification

Functionality testing and authenticity verification of CPU, memory and other board level products ensures quality and reliability while protecting you and your customers against defects and counterfeits.

Bar Coding

Reels, trays, bags, PCBs, components, and modules can be bar coded in compliance with EIA-556-A standards to facilitate automated product identification and routing.

Component Programming

XS Micro can program virtually all programmable devices, from electronic components to semiconductors, supporting EPROM, EEPROM, PLD, PAL, GAL, and Flash.

Lead Form & Trimming

XS Micro provides lead forming and trimming for CPUs and ICs in virtually all standard packages and sizes. Custom forms are also available if required.


Our kitting capability ensures that your components are shipped in complete, pre-assembled packages, reducing your inventory, minimizing storage requirements, and simplifying ordering procedures.

Packaging & Re-Packaging

XS Micro maintains a large inventory of common and specialized carrier tape, cover tape, anti-stat bags, and reels. Components can be delivered labeled and packaged to your precise specifications, without worry about old labeling, bar coding, or identifying marks of any kind.