About Us

About Us

Who We Are, What We Do, What Makes Us Different

Headquartered in Brea, CA, XS Micro, LLC. is a leading Electronic Components Distributor (ECD) focused on delivering complete component sourcing and kitting services to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and contract manufacturers (CMs) in the aeronautics, aerospace, automotive, commercial, communications, defense, consumer electronics, industrial, medical, mobile, and telecomm industries. XS Micro helps its customers source products globally, eliminate excess inventory, and reduce downtime on the manufacturing line. Our global presence provides just-in-time inventory solutions that are combined with core logistics services and vertically integrated with components technologies to optimize customer operations by lowering costs and reducing time to market.

Market Focused Leadership

XS Micro has tripled its revenue growth by acquiring companies globally and by organizing these companies into a focused market-segment approach that is designed to bring more value and innovation to our customers, improve our competitiveness, and to increase our market share. This approach offers OEMs and CMs the economies-of-scale of centralized core services such as procurement, logistics, and IT. Additionally, these market-tailored services are vertically integrated with our cost-effective components solutions and address the unique product logistics considerations of OEMs and CMs across a variety of industries. Through this market-focused leadership strategy, XS Micro is able to make fast, flexible decisions in response to changing market conditions.

Vertically Integrated End-To-End Systems

As a leading global Electronic Components Distributor, XS Microoffers a comprehensive range of worldwide supply-chain services that simplify the global product procurement process and provide meaningful time and cost savings to our OEM and CM customers. Our vertically integrated procurement and logistic services provide customers with a total solution that keeps their manufacturing assembly lines up and running.